wait a minute, who ARE you?

GREAT QUESTION! Glad you asked.

I am an adventurer.

I am an introvert who will sometimes trade a blanket and Netflix for a denim jacket and a night out.

I am an observer. During conversations with friends and peers I am often the person to soak in the information and wait until the end to add my piece. Class discussions move along a similar path. I tend to absorb information for long periods of time and then dump all of my feedback at the end.

When I first moved into a college atmosphere, my demeanor shifted slightly. There were many instances when I would talk so much about what I had observed online and in class that I didn’t give the other person a chance to talk. I realized that my “venting” wasn’t helping my friendships and it wasn’t productive for whatever patterns I was noticing. All I was doing was complaining instead of trying to fix what I was whining about.

But what could I do? The main pattern I found myself drawn to was the prominence of ignorance in society. Why did so many people lack knowledge about or fail to comprehend relevant concepts? And what could I do to help? I decided that my best starting place was to provide relevant information. (Hence: blog)

I believe that creating a resource of information and involvement for upcoming-though not limited to-generations will aid them in forming perspectives. My ultimate goal is to encourage more meaningful and widespread social and political participation.

My blog will center around three core concepts: self, interpersonal relationships, and the world.

SELF– goes into ways in which you can reflect on your personal life (i.e. reflection techniques, stress management, “what do you believe?”)

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS– the ways that you communicate with friends, family, peers, and authority figures (i.e. conflict resolution, distinguishing fact from opinion, confrontation techniques)

THE WORLD– current events across the globe in which you can be informed and/or involved (i.e. charity, resource category for current events in the Middle East).

Onward and upward.


Rachel Davis

A/N: while it is good to be informed and involved, there comes a point where political involvement can be toxic if it becomes intrusive on personal life. This is why I aim to incorporate much more than just politics. This blog is about life and how I have seen it handled. I plan to use relevant sources from the APA, news outlets, government documents, etc., all of which will be cited for professional purposes. I encourage you to click on the links because my words are my summary and analysis of the documents. Despite the intended neutral ground of this blog, personal bias is inevitable to some degree.

Reality check: I’m a college student with limited time. I will do my best to post regularly.


Summer Bucketlist- picture style (SELF)

The Amendment Concept (Blog-style)

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